10 Most Inspiring Videos about Typography

10 Most Inspiring Videos about Typography:

Words aren’t just words. Rather, words portray meanings and can stir up every emotion from anger to lust. As such, designers have immense power over their audiences simply with the fonts they select and the manner in which those fonts are used. The following are ten 10 masterfully composed videos that provide perfect examples of how typefaces can be used to move audiences.

1. Trollback & Co.: Pop!Tech3008

Dark, sexy and inspiring, this video by Trollback & Co. combines fluidity and typography for a stunning effect. Its use of simple colors with red for emphasis illustrates the importance of minimalism in typography.
Trollback & Co.: Pop!Tech3008
(I wish it could be embedded!)

2. The Ronin: Flash on the Beach

Inserting textile lettering into a video shoot rather than digitally incorporating the typography is an inspiring use of creativity as evidenced in this shoot by The Ronin. When watching the video it’s difficult to decide if you want to reach out and touch the letters or kick them over just to ensure they’re real.

3. TED 2009 Conference

The list of masterful typography videos wouldn’t be complete without a 3-D piece. This video for the TED 2009 Conference is inspiring and takes full advantage of the powers available with the recent 3-D trend. The 3-D effect provides an otherworldly feel that is totally cool.
TED 2009 Conference

4. Typography

This piece, simply titled “Typography,” takes an interesting spin on the scrolling karaoke lyrics found in traditional videos and transforms them into this well composed piece. Feel free to sing along.

Typography from Yigit Hepsev on Vimeo.

5. Troika: FOX

This video, made by Troika for FOX, is masterful in its punchy use of typography which that serves as transitions between the video elements. The use of color is also quite effective.

FOX 09 Rebrand from Troika Design Group on Vimeo.

6. A Thin Line: MTVV

Using typography on the human body is an extremely impactful impressionable symbol and MTV’s “A Thin Line” commercial regarding the effects of cyber bullying uses it masterfully.

7. Typolutionn

Typolution is innovative by transforming lettering and punctuation elements into other images. Even more, the syncing of typographic elements and the background music is quite inventive.

8. Ya no sé qué hacer conmigo

Of course, masterful typographic videos aren’t only created in English as evidenced by this piece. The video is partly retro, partly modern, and completely stunning.

9. Wyld Stallyons: Punish the Atom

These punk rockers are in-your-face loud and their use of typography in their music video for “Punish the Atom” is no different. While the use of intense colors and overwhelming typography can sometimes have an adverse effect, it works well for Wyld Stallyons.
Wyld Stallyons: Punish the Atom

10. Flickermood 2.0

At times illegible, but perfectly masterful, this piece is a wonderful example of the recent trend of timing wildly flying lettering to a cool beat. The retro movie feel only further empowers this video’s creativity and uniqueness.

Whether you want to move your audience to tears or call them to action, you hold great power simply from your typography usage. As the design world continues to advance, new typographical uses will undoubtedly be discovered that will push the limits and challenge the old ways of thinking.