Converting Institutions into Living Spaces: Zecc Architects will School You. And Church You. And Watertower You.


One of the sub-specialties of Netherlands-based Zecc Architects is what they call Re-Use Cultural Heritage. They take existing structures -- a school, a laboratory, a watertower, a church and the de rigueur factory -- and turn them into living spaces while still maintaining the character of the original.
Zecc's philosophy is about design having strength in the elements you can't see:
The strength of a tree equals the depth of its roots. Our architecture is the same. Zecc works from three ground principles: what we build is functional, sustainable and engages all senses at the same time. Uniting these three principles often seems an impossible assignment. However, this is the core of Zecc's strength. We call it Grounded Architecture. Architecture with a strong foundation. With deep roots. Since these bring forth the most wonderful ideas.

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