I haven’t focused on typography here, but at some point in the next three weeks I think I’ll want to work with a typeface. So far, I’ve been doing fine with old-school handwriting.
Because my set-up is less familiar now (less agency, more beaux-arts), I’m forced into pre-digital processes again, and I’m loving it. Lettering, tracing, sketching, painting, scribbling, gathering, taping, pinning. Reminds me of how I used to work ages ago and how glued to the computer screen I’ve become during the last 15 years.
But back to the computer: I’d like to work with a single typeface, something that comes out of this place, this project. If only to see how a word resonates with an image. I quickly tried a few faces (things I already have) and nothing was right, so I’m creating something. A typeface based on the “DIVIETO D’AFFISSIONE” letterforms in this gorgeous old plaque. These “posting ban” signs are all over Rome and most of them are vintage, so I’m guessing this is late 19th century or very early 20th?